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Today's WOTD is: "ensalada" = salad

1. In Spanish, “ensalada” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is salad, as in:
  • Las ensaladas son mis platos preferidos (salads are my favourite dishes);

2. The noun “ensalada” may also be used to refer to a mixture or collection of miscellaneous items/ things or potpourri, as in:
  • En la rueda de prensa se montó una ensalada de idiomas (the press conference resulted in a mixture or potpourri of languages);

3. A related Spanish word is the feminine noun “ensaladilla”, which is a commonly used word for certain types of a salad, for example, “ensaladilla rusa”*, Russian salad, as in:
  • Hoy tenemos ensaladilla rusa (today we have Russian salad);
*NB Basic ingredients of “ensaladilla rusa” are: boiled potatoes, carrots and eggs, canned tuna. Additional ingredients, such as, beetroot, olives, peas, roasted peppers, etc. are often included. Mayonnaise is  typically used as the dressing.

4. Another related Spanish word is the feminine noun “ensaladera”*, which is commonly used to refer to a salad bowl, as in:
  • La ensalada se sirvió en ensaladeras (the salad was served in salad bowls);
*NB Sometimes the term “ensaladera” is used to refer to other types of bowl. An example of this is the expression “ensaladera de plata”, which often used to refer to the Rose Bowl trophy of the Davis cup in tennis.

5. Some types of salad in Spanish “ensalada” are:
  • Ensalada campera (country salad);
  • Ensalada César (Caesar salad);
  • Ensalada china (Chinese salad);
  • Ensalada de ahumados* (smoked/ cured food salad);
  • Ensalada de cogollos con atún (lettuce hearts and tuna salad);
  • Ensalada de col (coleslaw);
  • Ensalada de escabechados** (marinated/ pickled food salad);
  • Ensalada de estación (seasonal salad);
  • Ensalada de frutas (fruit salad);
  • Ensalada de la casa (house salad -house special);
  • Ensalada de maruja (chickweed salad);
  • Ensalada de papas*** (potato salad);
  • Ensalada de patatas*** (potato salad);
  • Ensalada de pasta (pasta salad);
  • Ensalada de pollo (chicken salad);
  • Ensalada de temporada (seasonal salad);
  • Ensalada italiana (Italian salad);
  • Ensalada griega (Greek salad);
  • Ensalada malagueña (Malaga-style salad);
  • Ensalada mixta**** (mixed salad);
  • Ensalada murciana (Murcian salad);
  • Ensalada repelada (mixed herbs salad);
  • Ensalada Waldorf (Waldorf salad);
*NB The term “ahumados” refers to a range of food products which are preserved by a process of smoking. That is, typically, fish, meat or cheeses.
**NB The term “escabechados” refers to a range of food products which are preserved by a process of pickling. That is, typically, fish or seafood.
***NB Also known as “papas mayo”.
****NB Common ingredients in restaurants in Spain are: lettuce, onion, tomato, tuna, boiled egg, sweetcorn and asparagus. loves the word "ensalada" in the YouTube clip: ensaladaS - Quiero una Ensalada - El jardín de Clarilú - Muy Prontoen Disney

For more on the word "ensalada", visit: Ensalada*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “ensalada” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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