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Today's WOTD is: "merienda" = afternoon snack

1. In Spanish, “merienda” is a feminine noun of Latin origin commonly used to refer to a light afternoon snack.
  • Es la hora de la merienda (it is time for an afternoon snack);

2. A related word is the masculine noun “merendero” which is commonly used to refer to:
  • An open air eating place/ picnic area
    • Comimos en un merendero en un lugar muy pintoresco (we ate in a picnic area in a very picturesque place);
  • An open air/ outdoor bar/ restaurant (usually on the beach);
    • En la playa hay un merendero que nos gusta mucho (there is a bar/ restaurant on the beach we really like);

3. A related verb/ action word is “merendar” which means to have/ to take an afternoon snack.
  • Los niños merendaron a las cinco (the kids had their afternoon snack at five);

4. The verb/ action word “merendarse” is often used to refer to easily winning a competition or dispute (to walk over/ to thrash the opposition).
  • Esos se meriendan a cualquier equipo que se le ponga por delante (those will walk over any team in their way);

5. Some expressions with the word “merienda” are:
  • Comer la merienda (to have/ eat a light afternoon snack);
    • Los niños comieron la merienda a las cinco (the kids ate their afternoon snack at five);
  • Juntar meriendas (to join forces);
    • ¿Que te parece si juntamos meriendas? (what about joining forces?);
  • Preparar la merienda (to make an afternoon snack);
    • Mamá, prepárame la merienda (mum, make my afternoon snack); loves the word "merienda" in the YouTube clip: Pocoyo 2x33 Una merienda misteriosa

For more on the word "merienda", visit: Merienda

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “merienda” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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