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Today's WOTD is: "bosque" = forest

In Spanish, “bosque” is a masculine noun of unclear origin commonly used to refer to a forest.

The Spanish noun “bosque” may also be used to refer to a tree plantation (a wood/ the woods) or an area of land covered in vegetation which in English would be known as a woodland.

Some expressions with the word “bosque” are:
  • Bebés en el bosque* (Babes in the Wood)
  • Bosque autóctono (native forest);
  • Bosque de hadas (wood of fairies -a magic/ enchanted forest);
  • Bosque encantado (enchanted forest/ magic forest);
  • Hadas del bosque (fairies of the woods);
  • Frutas del bosque** (fruits of the forest/ wild berries);
  • Los tres enanos del bosque*** (The Three Little Men in the Wood/ The Three Dwarfs);

*NB Also known as “Niños en el bosque
**NB Also known as “Frutos del bosque
***NB Also known as “Los tres enanitos del bosque

Some examples of the use of the word "bosque" are:
  • Aquí al lado hay un bosque de pinos (very near here there is a pine forest);
  • En la imagen se ve una casa con bosques alrededor (the picture shows a house surrounded by woodland);
  • Caperucita Roja iba caminando por el bosque (Little Red Riding Hood was walking in the woods);
  • Niños en el bosque/ Bebés en el bosque es el título de una película (Babes in the Wood is the title of a film);
  • El objetivo es preservar el bosque autóctono (the objective is preserving the native forest);
  • Había una vez en un bosque de hadas... (once upon a time in an enchanted forest/ a fairies' forest...);
  • Había una vez en un bosque encantado... (once upon a time in an an enchanted forest...);
  • Vas a contar un cuento de hadas del bosque, ¿verdad? (you are going to tell a tale of fairies in the woods, aren't you);
  • El arándano es una fruta del bosque comestible (the blueberry is an edible wild berry);
  • Los tres enanos del bosque es un cuento infantil (The Three Little Men in the Wood is a children's tale); loves the word "bosque" in the YouTube clip: Hello Seahorse! Prodigy MSN Sessions No Te Vayas Al Bosque en

For more on the word "bosque", visit: Bosque

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “bosque” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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