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Today's WOTD is: "abogado" = lawyer/ attorney

In Spanish, “abogado” is a masculine* noun of Italian origin commonly used to refer to a lawyer/ attorney.

*NB The feminine form “abogada” is also commonly used to refer to a female lawyer/ attorney

False Friends (Falsos Amigos)
Please note that the Spanish noun "abogado" is not related to the English noun avocado, which in Spanish is “aguacate”.

A couple of words related to "abogado" are:
  • The action word/ verb “abogar” which means to advocate, to stand for, to stand up for.
  • The feminine noun “abogacía” which is commonly used to refer to the legal profession.

Some expressions with the word “abogado” are:
  • Abogado de oficio (legal aid lawyer/ public defender);
  • Abogado de pobres (legal aid lawyer/ public defender);
  • Abogado defensor (defence lawyer/ defence attorney);
  • Abogado del diablo (devil's advocate);
  • Abogado del Estado (Treasury counsel/ public prosecutor/ State's attorney);
  • Abogado de secano (deluded/ incompetent member of the legal profession);
  • Abogado general (advocate-general);

Some examples of the use of "abogado" and related words are:
  • Ese partido aboga por la prohición de fumar en lugares públicos (that party stands for the banning of smoking in public places);
  • Ese tipo ejerce la abogacía desde hace más de veinte años (that guy has been in the legal profession over twenty years);
  • Pedro necesita que le asignen un abogado de oficio (Pedro needs a legal aid lawyer/ public defender);
  • A Pedro le han asignado un abogado de pobres (Pedro has been allocated a legal aid lawyer/ public defender
  • Creo que Antonio está haciendo de abogado del diablo (I think Antonio is acting as devil's advocate);
  • En ese juicio don Carlos Arias es el abogado defensor (don Carlos Arias is the defence lawyer/ defence attorney in that trial);
  • ¿Cómo te atreves a recomendarme ese abogado de secano? (how dare you recommend me that incompetent lawyer?); loves the word "abogado" in the YouTube clip: Mi abogado Rosa Karina video destacado

For more on the word "abogado", visit: Abogado

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