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Today's WOTD is: "gorra" = cap

In Spanish, “gorra” is a feminine noun of unsure origin, the main meaning of which is cap.

The masculine noun “gorro” is also quite often used to refer to a cap.

Some expressions with the word “gorra”/ “gorro” are:
  • Con la gorra (easily/ without effort*);
  • De gorra (for free);
  • Gorra con visera (peaked cap);
  • Gorra/ gorro de baño (bathing/ shower cap);
  • Gorro de cocinero (chef's hat);
  • Gorro de ducha (shower cap);
  • Llevar gorro/ gorra (to wear a cap)
  • Pasar la gorra (to pass the hat around);

*NB Usually referring to a skill which has been mastered

Some examples of the use of the words "gorra"/ "gorro" are:
  • Esa tarea la hago con la gorra (I can perform that task very easily);
  • Conseguiste ver partido de gorra, ¿verdad? (you managed to watch the game for free, didn't you/);
  • Las gorras con visera están muy de moda (peaked caps are very much in fashion);
  • El gorro de baño es obligatorio en algunas piscinas públicas (it is compulsory to wear a bathing cap in some public swimming pools);
  • Pedro lleva gorro de cocinero (Pedro is wearing the chef's hat);
  • Con el gorro de ducha evitas mojarte la cabeza (with a shower cap you avoid getting your hair wet);
  • Al final pasan la gorra (at the end they pass the hat around); loves the word "gorra" in the YouTube clip: 01Mala Fama - La marca de la gorra

For more on the word "gorra", visit: Gorra

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “gorra” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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