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Is The Supermarket Far Away?


This post deals with indicating how near/ far the supermarket is in Spanish, and the distance from where you are to the supermarket.


Imagine you are with a relative, a friend, a work colleague or even a complete stranger who is looking for the supermarket and asks you: "is the supermarket far away?"

In Spanish, the other person could choose to say:
¿Queda lejos el supermercado*?


The question is an invitation for you to say how far away the supermarket is. A yes/no answer may be strictly sufficient. However, with little effort, your answer could be a lot more informative.

Here are some examples of how you could reply:
  • El supermercado queda lejos (the supermarket is far away)
  • El supermercado queda bastante lejos (the supermarket is quite far away)
  • El supermercado queda muy lejos (the supermarket is very far away)
  • El supermercado queda cerca (the supermarket is near)
  • El supermercado queda bastante cerca (the supermarket is quite near)
  • El supermercado queda muy cerca (the supermarket is very near)
  • El supermercado queda a la vuelta de la esquina (the supermarket is around the corner)
  • El supermercado queda al final de la calle (the supermarket is at the end of the street/ road)
  • El supermercado queda a dos manzanas (the supermarket is two blocks away)
  • El supermercado queda a dos cuadras (the supermarket is two blocks away)
  • El supermercado queda a cinco minutos a pie (the supermarket is five minutes away on foot)
  • El supermercado queda en el centro (the supermarket is in the town centre/ downtown)
  • El supermercado no queda lejos (the supermarket is not far away)
  • El supermercado queda a doscientos metros** (the supermarket is 200 meters away)
  • El supermercado queda a trescientos metros** (the supermarket is 300 meters away)


Often shortened to just “super

Now you should practise answering the question:

¿Queda lejos el supermercado?

*See some commonly used length in Spanish below

*Spanish Lengths

Some expressions of length/ distance commonly used in Spanish are shown below:

cien metros

doscientos metros

trescientos metros

cuatrocientos metros

quinientos metros
seiscientos metros

setecientos metros

ochocientos metros

novecientos metros

mil metros/
un kilómetro

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