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Today's WOTD is: "media" = stocking

In Spanish, “mediais a feminine noun of Latin origin, a meaning of which is stocking. In many parts of the Spanish speaking world, particularly in the Americas, the word “media” is used to refer to a sock.

In this context the plural form "medias" is also often used.

As a noun "media" may also be used to refer to:
  • The average, mean (mathematics);
  • The midfield (football/ soccer);

The word “media” is also the feminine form of a describing word/ adjective “medio”*/ “media” the main meaning of which half.

A related action word/ verb is “mediar”, which means to mediate or to be in between/ to be in the middle.

Some expressions with the word “media” are:
  • A media luz (in dim light/ lights dimmed);
  • Bandera a media asta (flag at half mast);
  • Clase media (middle class);
  • Edad Media (Middle Ages);
  • Enseñanza media (secondary education);
  • Línea media (the midfield -football/ soccer and similar sports)
  • Media aritmética (arithmetic mean);
  • Media cuadrática (root mean square);
  • Media geométrica (geometric mean);
  • Medias de nailon (nylon stockings);
  • Medias de seda (silk stockings... also a cocktail)
  • Onda media (Medium Wave -radio broadcast);
  • Siete y media* (card game);
  • Velocidad media (average speed);
  • Vida media (half life);

*NB The game is played with a Spanish deck of cards (baraja española). The game play and rules are very similar to blackjack. In the case of “siete y media”, ordinary cards (1/ ace → 7) are counted as their numerical value, whilst each face card (sota, caballo, rey) is counted as “half” a point. The object of the “siete y media” game is to reach “seven and a half” points or a score higher than the dealer without going over “seven and a half” points.

Some examples of the use of the word "media" is:
  • Cenamos a media luz y con música suave de fondo (we had dinner with lights dimmed and a soft background music);
  • Hoy ondea la bandera a media asta (today the flag is flying at half mast);
  • Se trata de una familia de clase media (the family in question is a middle class family);
  • La Edad Media es un período histórico (the Middle Ages are a period in history);
  • La enseñanza media es obligatoria y gratuita (secondary education is compulsory and free);
  • El Barcelona tiene una línea media muy buena (Barcelona FC has a very good midfield);
  • La cifra importante es la media aritmética (the important figure is the arithmetic mean);
  • La cifra importante es la media cuadrática (the important figure is the root mean square);
  • La cifra importante es la media geométrica (the important figure is the geometric mean);
  • Las medias de nailon son muy resistentes y livianas (nylon stockings are more hard-wearing and lighter)
  • Esas medias de seda son preciosas (those silk stockings are lovely);
  • Me apetece tomar un medias de seda (I feel like having a silk stockings cocktail);
  • Hoy comienza transmitir una nueva emisora de radio de onda media (today, a new MW radio station begins broadcasting);
  • ¿Jugamos a las siete y media? (shall we have a game of “siete y media”?);
  • Viajamos a una velocidad media de 90 km/h (we travelled at an average speed of 90 Km/h);
  • El plutonio-244 tiene una vida media de unos 80 millones de años (plutonium-244 has a half life of about 80 million years); loves the word "media" in the YouTube clip: HA-ASH - Amor A Medias

For more on the word "media", visit: Media

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “media” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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