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Today's WOTD is: "falda" = skirt

In Spanish, “falda” is a feminine noun of unclear origin, the main meaning of which is skirt.

Besides the above main meaning, in Spanish, the noun “falda” may also be used to refer to:
  • The knee/ thigh in the sitting position (lap);
  • Lower part of a mountain/ hill (slope);
  • A cut of meat (flank steak/ skirt steak)
  • The overhang of a table cloth/ cover

Some expressions with the word “falda” are:
  • Con faldas y a lo loco (Some like it hot -film title);
  • Falda pantalón (culottes);
  • Minifalda (miniskirt);
  • Pegado a la falda de alguien (to be tied to someone's apron strings);
  • Poner faldas en cinta (roll up the sleeves*);
  • Perrillo de falda (lap dog);

*NB Probably used more appropriately by women.

Some examples of the use of the word "falda" is:
  • Esa falda corta te favorece mucho (you look great in that short skirt);
  • Hicimos una caminata por la falda de la montaña (we hiked along the hill slopes);
  • Quería un kilo de faldas (I would like one kilo of flank steak/ skirt steak);
  • Las faldas de ese mantel llega hasta el suelo (that tablecloth overhangs/ trails to the floor);
  • Con faldas y a lo loco es un peliculón (Some like it hot is a great film);
  • Esa falda pantalón te favorece mucho (you look great in those culottes);
  • Esa minifalda te favorece mucho (you look great in that miniskirt);
  • Pedro está pegado a la falda de su madre (Pedro is tied to his mother's apron strings);
  • No me quedó más remedio que poner faldas en cinta y ponerme a trabajar (I had no option but to roll up my sleeves and start working);
  • Te gustan los perrillos de falda, ¿no? (you like lap dogs, don't you?); loves the word "falda" in the YouTube clip: FALDA-El Bird "Malcriado" VIDEO OFFICIAL

For more on the word "falda", visit: Falda*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “falda” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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