Sunday, 16 June 2013


Today's WOTD is: "orquídea" = orchid

In Spanish, “orquídea” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means orchid.

A couple of expressions with the word “orquídea” are:
  • Cultivo de orquídeas (orchid growing);
  • El ladrón de orquídeas (the orchid thief*);

*NB El ladrón de orquídeas is the common title given in Spain to the 2002 Spike Jonze film 'Adaptation'.

An example of the use of the word "orquídea" is:
  • Estamos haciendo un curso de cultivo de orquídeas (we are on an orchid growing course); loves the word "orquídea" in the YouTube clip: Uso medicinal de las Orquídeas

For more on the word "orquídea", visit: Orquídea

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