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Today's WOTD is: "margarita" = daisy

In Spanish, “margarita” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means daisy.

The Spanish noun “margarita” may also be used as:

  • The name of a drink/ Mexican cocktail;
  • A person's name (it corresponds to the English name Margaret);

Some expressions with the word “margarita” are:
  • Deshojar la margarita (to be undecided/ to fret about a decision*);
  • Echar margaritas a los cerdos** (to feed daisies to the pigs -a wasted effort);
  • Echar margaritas a los puercos** (to feed daisies to the pigs -a wasted effort);

*NB The expression refers to playing a game of “she loves me... she loves me not”. The phrase spoken in Spanish usually is “me quiere... no me quiere” or “me ama... no me ama”.
**NB Expressions used to refer to generous and well meaning actions or words which turn out to be wasted because the person at the receiving end is incapable of appreciating them.

Some examples of the use of the word "margarita" are:
  • Descubrimos un prado lleno de margaritas (we discovered a meadow full of daisies);
  • Me voy a tomar una margarita (I am going to have a margarita);
  • Margarita Pérez es tu amiga, ¿verdad? (Margarita Perez is your friend, isn't she?);
  • ¿Quedarse o irse? Antonio deshoja la margarita (staying or going? Antonio is fretting about the decision);
  • Ayudar a Pedro es como echar margaritas a los cerdos (helping Pedro is a wasted effort);
  • Ayudar a Pedro es como echar margaritas a los puercos (helping Pedro is a wasted effort); loves the word "margarita" in the YouTube clip: Margarita - Traicionero

For more on the word "margarita", visit: Margarita*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “margarita” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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