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Today's WOTD is: "camisa" = shirt
In Spanish, “camisa” is a feminine noun of Celtic/ Latin origin, the main meaning of which is shirtBesides that main meaning, in Spanish, the noun “camisa” may also be used to refer to:
  • The lining of some mechanical parts (jacket/ case/ casing/ sleeve);
  • A book dust cover (jacket/ dust jacket);
  • The dead outer layer of a snake's skin (slough);
  • The internal lining of ovens/ furnaces;

Some expressions with the word “camisa” are:
  • Cambiar de camisa (to change sides/ turncoat);
  • Camisa a cuadros (checked shirt);
  • Camisa a rayas (striped shirt);
  • Camisa de algodón (cotton shirt);
  • Camisa de fuerza (straight jacket);
  • Camisa de lunares (polka dot shirt);
  • Camisa de manga corta (short sleeved shirt);
  • Camisa de manga larga (long sleeved shirt);
  • Camisa de seda (silk shirt);
  • Dejar a alguien sin camisa (to take someone to the cleaners/ to leave someone with nothing);
  • En mangas de camisa (in shirt sleeves -wearing nothing over the shirt);
  • Jugarse hasta la camisa (to go all the way/ gamble it all);
  • Vender hasta la camisa (to sell all possessions of necessity);
  • Meterse en camisa de once varas (to get into trouble for no reason/ unnecessarily);
  • No llegarle a alguien la camisa al cuerpo (to be frightened by something);
  • Perder hasta la camisa (to loose everything/ the shirt on one's back);

Some examples of the use of the word "camisa" are:
  • El muy cobarde cambió de camisa (the big coward changed sides);
  • Esa camisa a cuadros te queda muy bien (that checked shirt looks really good on you);
  • Esa camisa a rayas te queda muy bien (that striped shirt looks really good on you);
  • Esa camisa de algodón es muy amplia (that cotton shirt is very wide);
  • La camisa de fuerza te inmoviliza los brazos (a straight jacket immobilises your arms);
  • Esa camisa de lunares te queda muy bien (that polka dot shirt looks really good on you);
  • Esa camisa de seda es muy estrecha (that silk shirt is very narrow/ small);
  • En verano, llevo camisas de manga corta (in summer I wear short sleeved shirts);
  • En invierno, llevo camisas de manga larga (in winter I wear long sleeved shirts);
  • Entré en el bar a tomar una cerveza y me dejaron sin camisa (I went into the bar to have a beer and they took me to the cleaners);
  • Hace demasiado frío para andar en mangas de camisa (it is too cold to go about without a jacket);
  • Aquel tipo se jugó hasta la camisa (that guy gambled it all);
  • Tuve que vender hasta la camisa (I was forced to sell everything I had);
  • Estás de vacaciones, no te metas en camisa de once varas (you are on holiday/ vacation, don't get involved, walk on by);
  • Con la precariedad laboral que hay, a Pedro no le llega la camisa al cuerpo (Pedro is really frightened about the current lack of job security);
  • Aquel tipo se perdió hasta la camisa (that guy lost everything); loves the word "camisa" in the YouTube clip: Juanes - La Camisa Negra/La Paga feat. Taboo(2010 FIFA World Cup™ Kick-off Co..

For more on the word "camisa", visit: Camisa

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