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Today's WOTD is: "rastrillo" = rake
In Spanish, “rastrillo” is a masculine noun of Latin origin, which means rake. The noun “rastrillo”* is also often used to refer to:
  • A flea market/ second had market (jumble sale/ garage sale/ rummage sale);
  • A portcullis in a fort or a castle
  • A safety razor (in some parts);

*NB The noun “rastrillo” should not be used to translate into Spanish the expression “thin as a rake”.

A related Spanish action word/ verb is “rastrillar”, which means to rake/ rake up*.

*NB The verb “rastrillar” should only be used to translate raking in the literal sense. When other meanings are intended, such as “to rake in the money”, then “rastrillar” should not be used.

Some commonly used expressions with the word “rastrillo” are:
  • Rastrillo de afeitar (safety razor);
  • Rastrillo de hojas (leaf rake);
  • Rastrillo de grava (gravel rake);
  • Rastrillo para jardinería (gardening rake);

Some examples of the use of the word "rastrillo" are:
  • Este rastrillo de madera es muy antiguo (this wooden rake is very old);
  • En el mercado del pueblo a menudo se organizan rastrillos (jumble/ rummage sales are often organised in the local market);
  • El rastrillo era un elemento defensivo de los castillos medievales (the portcullis was an element of defence in medieval castles);
  • ¿De qué marca es ese rastrillo de afeitar? (what make is that safety razor?);
  • Necesito un rastrillo de hojas que no pese mucho (I need a light leaf rake);
  • Necesito un rastrillo de grava robusto (I need a strong gravel rake);
  • ¿Tiene rastrillos para jardinería? (do you have garden rakes?); loves the word "rastrillo" in the YouTube clip: Barrio Sésamo: Espinete y Sus Amigos - ElRastrillo

For more on the word "rastrillo", visit: Rastrillo

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