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Today's WOTD is: "reserva" = reserve/ reservation
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In Spanish, “reserva” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means reserve/ reservation. The noun “reserva” may be used in Spanish to refer to:
  • The manner some matters must be dealt with (Caution/ Discretion);
  • The contents of a vehicle's fuel tank destined for an emergency (Reserve);
  • Elements of the armed forces not in active service (Reserve);
  • Players on the reserves of a sports team (Subs/the 'B' team);

A related Spanish action word/ verb is “reservar” which may be used with the following meanings:
  • To save/ to keep/ to conserve something for future use;
  • To keep something hidden/ protected from unwanted viewing/ scrutiny;
  • To book/ to make a reservation;

Some commonly used expressions with the word “reserva” are:
  • Bajo reserva (confidential);
  • Confirmación de reserva (confirmation of reservation);
  • Con reservas (with reservations);
  • Decir algo sin reservas (to say something without holding back);
  • Energía de reserva (reserve energy);
  • Mantener algo en reserva (to keep something in reserve/ to refrain from disclosing details about something);
  • Moneda de reserva (reserve currency);
  • Previa reserva* (prior reservation/ prior booking);
  • Reserva a nombre de (reservation/ booking in the name of);
  • Reserva de hotel (hotel reservation/ booking);
  • Reserva en firme (firm reservation/ booking);
  • Reserva india (Indian reservation);
  • Reserva natural (nature reserve);
  • Reserva previa (prior booking/ reservation);
  • Reservas de energía (energy reserves);
  • Reservas de oro (gold reserve);
  • Se reserva el derecho de admisión** (right to admission is reserved);
  • Vino de reserva (reserve wine);

*NB This expression is commonly used to indicate that something is subject to/ conditional on making a reservation in advance.
**NB This expression is usually displayed as a public notice in bars and similar facilities. The notice, the management/ staff reserve their right to refuse the admission to the premises to anybody.

Some examples of the use of the word "reserva" are:
  • Necesito repostar, voy en la reserva (I need to re-fuel, I am in the reserve);
  • Conocí a un coronel en la reserva (I met/ got to know a colonel in the reserve);
  • Este partido lo jugarán los reservas (the subs/ second team will play this match);
  • Usted es el responsable de mantener bajo reserva su contraseña (you are responsible for keeping your password confidential);
  • La confirmación de reserva se la enviamos por fax si así lo desea (we send you the reservation confirmation via fax if you so wish);
  • Lo aceptaré, pero con reservas (I will accept it, but with reservations)
  • Dímelo sin reservas (give it to me straight/ as is);
  • Tenemos un sistema de energía de reserva para emergencias (we have a reserve energy system for emergencies);
  • Por razones personales prefiero mantener en reserva los detalles de lo que ocurrió (for personal reasons I would rather keep confidential/ say nothing about the details of what happened);
  • Al poco tiempo de aparecer, el euro se convirtió en la segunda moneda de reserva del mundo (a short time after its appearance, the Euro became the second reserve currency in the world);
  • La entrada es gratuita, previa reserva con al menos un día de antelación (admission is free, subject to advance booking/ reservation made at least one day before);
  • Tengo una reserva a nombre de Pedro García (I have a booking/ reservation in Pedro García's name);
  • Acabo de hacer la reserva del hotel (I have just made the hotel booking/ reservation);
  • La nuestra es una reserva en firme (ours is a firm booking/ reservation);
  • Nos encontramos en la reserva india de los Blackfeet (we are in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation);
  • Queremos visitar a la reserva natural de La Pedriza (we want to visit the La Pedriza nature reserve);
  • Se aconseja la reserva previa de las instalaciones los fines de semana (prior booking/ reservation of facilities is advised at weekends);
  • Se propone un estudio del consumo de las reservas de energía no renovables (a study of the consumption of non-renewable energy reserves is proposed);
  • El banco central ha vendido casi la mitad de las reservas de oro del país (the central bank has sold almost one half of the country's gold reserve);
  • Tenemos vinos de reserva envejecidos en barricas de roble (we have reserve wines aged in oak casks); loves the word "reserva" in the YouTube clip: Astroboy - Mi Reserva 

For more on the word "reserva", visit: Reserva*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “reserva” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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