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Today's WOTD is: "lavadora" = washing machine
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In Spanish, “lavadora” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means washing machine*.

A related Spanish action word/ verb is “lavar” and it means to wash.

*NB In some parts of the Spanish-speaking world, the term “lavarropas” is more commonly used to refer to a washing machine.

Some commonly used expression with the word “lavadora”are:
  • Lavadora automática (automatic washing machine);
  • Lavadora de carga frontal (front loading washing machine);
  • Lavadora de carga superior (top loading washing machine);
  • Lavadora industrial (industrial washing machine);

Commonly used terms referring to washing machine components/ elements are:
  • El desagüe (the drain);
  • El filtro (the filter);
  • El mecanismo de cierre de la puerta (the door locking mechanism);
  • El motor (the motor);
  • El programador (the programmer/ timer);
  • El tambor (the drum/ tub);
  • La bomba de desagüe (the water drainage pump);
  • La puerta (the door);
  • La tecla de puesta en marcha/ parada (the on/ off switch);
  • La toma de agua (the water inlet);

A couple of examples of the use of the word "lavadora" are:
  • Tenemos una lavadora automática de carga frontal (we have a front loading automatic washing machine);
  • Esta lavadora tiene el filtro tupido (this washing machine has a blocked filter); loves the word "lavadora" in the YouTube clip: Lavadora humana movida por la bici.

For more on the word "lavadora", visit: Lavadora*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “lavadora” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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