Thursday, 20 December 2012

Who Is That For?


Imagine you have just met a relative, a friend or a colleague. You have something in your hands and the other person being curious points to it and says: "who is that for?"

In Spanish, the other person would most likely say:
¿Para quién es eso?


Responding should be quite straightforward. You could consider two cases:

1. What you have in your hands is for yourself. A typical reply could be:
  • Es para mi (it is for myself);

2. What you have in your hands is for someone else. In this case you need to decide how you want to refer to the person in question1. Typical replies could be:
  • Es para ti (it is for you);
  • Es para ti, Pedro (it is for you, Pedro);
  • Es para ti, María (it is for you, Maria);
  • Es para Carlos (it is for Carlos);
  • Es para Ana (it is for Ana);


1 You choose answers like these when you want to refer to people on first name terms. Click here to see how to reply referring to people in a more formal way.

Now you should practise answering the question:
¿Para quién es eso?

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