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Today's WOTD is: "NavidadChristmas

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In Spanish, “Navidad” is a feminine noun of Latin origin, which means Christmas. The plural form “Navidades” is also commonly used to refer to the Christmas festivityfestive period.

In Spanish, the words “navidadeño”/ “navideña” may be used as describing words, meaning Christmas/ Christmassy.

Some commonly used expressions with the word “Navidad”are:
  • Árbol de Navidad (Christmas tree);
  • Celebrar la Navidad (to celebrate Christmas);
  • Cena de Navidad (Christmas dinner/ supper*);
  • Feliz Navidad (happy Christmas/ merry Christmas);
  • Lotería de Navidad (Christmas lottery*);
  • Vacaciones de Navidad (Christmas holiday/ vacation);

*NB Traditionally celebrated at home on the night of the 24th on December (Christmas Eve).
**NB Spanish historical national lottery, drawn on December 22nd with the first prize called “el Gordo” (the big/ fat one).

Some examples of the use of the word "Navidad" are:
  • El árbol de Navidad es un adorno tradicional (the Christmas tree is a traditional decoration);
  • Nos gusta celebrar la Navidad en familia (we like to celebrate Christmas as a family);
  • La cena de Navidad es una tradición muy arraigada (Christmas supper is a very firmly established tradition);
  • ¡Feliz Navidad! (Merry Christmas!);
  • El sorteo de la lotería de Navidad (the Christmas lottery draw);
  • Se te sube la Navidad (you are blushing);
  • Los colegios cierran durante las vacaciones de Navidad (schools are closed during the Christmas holiday/vacation); loves the word "Navidadin the YouTube clip: Gloria Estefan - Navidad - (Más allá)

For more on the word "Navidad", visit: Navidad

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