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Today's WOTD is: "descanso" = rest

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In Spanish, “descanso” is a masculine noun of Latin origin, which means rest. The noun “descanso” is also often used to refer to:
  • The half time interval in sports games, theatre performances and other such like events.
  • A landing or turning point on stairs.

Related words “descansado”/ “descansada” may be used as describing words, meaning rested/ restful/ relaxed/ easy.

A related Spanish action word/ verb is “descansar”, which means to rest/ to have a rest

Some commonly used expressions with the word “descanso” or related are:
  • Área de descanso (rest area- roadside);
  • Buenas noches y que descanse (good night and have a good rest- more formal expression);
  • Buenas noches y que descanses (good night and have a good rest- less formal expression);
  • Cerrado por descanso semanal (closed for weekly day of rest);
  • Descanse en paz - DEP (Rest in peace – RIP);
  • ¡Descansen! (at ease!- command to troops on parade);
  • Día de descanso (rest day/day off work);
  • En posición de descanso (standing at ease- military);
  • Merecido descanso (well earned/ deserved rest);
  • Sin descanso (without a break/ tirelessly);
  • Tomar un descanso (to take a break);
  • Una semana de descanso (a week of rest/ off work);
  • Unos días de descanso (a few days rest/ off work);
  • Zona de descanso (rest area- roadside);

Some examples of the use of the word "descanso" or related are:
  • En el descanso fuimos a tomar una cerveza (at the interval, we went for a beer);
  • Ese bar está cerrdado por descanso semanal (that bar is closed today for its weekly day of rest);
  • Pararemos para comer algo en una área de descanso (we'll stop for something to eat in a rest area);
  • Grabada en el centro de la lápida se veía la inscripción DEP – Descanse En Paz (scored in the centre of the tombstone the inscription RIP – Rest In Peace was visible);
  • Hoy es mi día de descanso (today is my day off work);
  • La tropa estaba en posición de descanso (the troops were standing at ease);
  • Estamos disfrutando de un merecido descanso (we are enjoying a well earned rest);
  • ¿Para esto trabajamos sin descanso? (is this what we worked tirelessly for?);
  • Me voy a tomar un descaso (I am going to have a rest);
  • Esa semana de descanso nos la merecemos (we deserve that week off work);
  • Unos días de descanso nos los merecemos (we deserve a few days off work);
  • Pararemos para comer algo en una zona de descanso (we'll stop for something to eat in a rest area); loves the word "descanso" in the YouTube clip: beneficios de un buen descanso

For more on the word "descanso", visit: Descanso*

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “descanso” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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