Friday, 23 November 2012

Are Those Silver Earrings?

Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or colleague. You are talking about jewellery. You show the other person a pair of earrings The other person says to you something like: "are those silver earrings?"

In Spanish, the other person would more likely say:
¿Esos pendientes son de plata?

The question refers to a masculine multiple item word and is a straightforward invitation for you to state if those items, the earrings in question are silver earrings. The answer could be a simple yes/ no. However, you could easily be more informative with very little additional effort.

Have a look at some examples of how you could reply:
  • Sí, estos pendientes son de plata (yes, these earrings are silver);
  • No, estos pendientes no son de plata (no, these earrings are not silver);
  • No, estos pendientes no son de plata, son de oro blanco (no, these earrings are not silver, they are white gold earrings);

Now you should practise answering the question:
¿Esos pendientes son de plata?

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