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Today's WOTD is: "amarillo" = yellow

In Spanish, “amarillo” is a describing word/ adjective of Latin origin which means yellow.

In Spanish, the word “amarillo” could also be a masculine noun which means the colour yellow.

Some commonly used expressions containing the word "amarillo" are:
  • Amarillo claro (pale yellow);
  • Amarillo fuerte (bright yellow);
  • Amarillo intenso (deep yellow);
  • Amarillo limón (lemon yellow);
  • Fiebre amarilla (yellow fever);
  • Prensa amarilla (sensationalist press/ gutter press/ tabloid press);
  • Tarjeta amarilla (yellow card);

Some examples of the use of the word "amarillo" are:
  • El semáforo estaba en amarillo (the light was yellow/ the lights were on amber);
  • Ese vestido amarillo claro te queda muy bien (you really suit that pale yellow dress);
  • Ese vestido amarillo fuerte te queda muy bien (you really suit that bright yellow dress);
  • Ese vestido amarillo intenso te queda muy bien (you really suit that deep yellow dress);
  • Ese vestido amarillo limón te queda muy bien (you really suit that lemon yellow dress);
  • La fiebre amarilla es una enfermedad infecciosa (yellow fever is an infectious disease);
  • La prensa amarilla cultiva el sensacionalismo (the tabloid press promotes sensationalism);
  • El árbitro le mostró tarjeta amarilla (the referee showed him a yellow card); loves the word "amarillo" in the YouTube clip: Color amarillo y su significado

For more on the word "amarillo", visit: Amarillo

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “amarillo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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