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Today's WOTD is: "águila" = eagle

In Spanish, the noun "águila" is a feminine noun of Latin origin which means eagle.

The Spanish word “aguilucho” means eaglet.

Grammar.- The noun “águila” belongs to a group of Spanish nouns which, despite being of feminine gender, they require a masculine article “el” instead of “la(i.e.: 'el águila'). This rule does not apply the the plural, “águilas”, nor when there is another word in between the article and the noun 'águila' (for example “la majestuosa águila real”/ “las águilas”).

Some commonly used expressions containing the words "águila" are:
  • Águila agrifada (griffin/ gryphon);
  • Águila americana (bald eagle);
  • Águila barbuda* (bearded vulture/ lammergeier or lammergeyer);
  • Águila bastarda (booted eagle);
  • Águila blanca (bald eagle);
  • Águila cabdal (golden eagle);
  • Águila calzada (booted eagle);
  • Águila calva (bald eagle);
  • Águila caudal (golden eagle);
  • Águila caudalosa (golden eagle);
  • Águila culebrera (short-toed snake eagle);
  • Águila de cabeza blanca (bald eagle);
  • Águila doble (double eagle – US$20 gold coin);
  • Águila imperial oriental (Eastern Imperial eagle);
  • Águila imperial ibérica (Spanish Imperial eagle);
  • Águila o sol (heads or tails – Mexico);
  • Águila parda (short-toed snake eagle);
  • Águila perdicera (Bonelli's eagle);
  • Águila perdiguera (Bonelli's eagle);
  • Águila pescadora (osprey);
  • Águila ratera (buzzard);
  • Águila ratonera (buzzard);
  • Águila real (golden eagle);
  • Andar a palos con el águila (to be broke);
  • Media águila (half eagle – gold coin);
  • Ser un águila (to be really smart/ clever);
  • Ser un águila (to be a swindler/ a cheat);
  • Vista de águila (sharp eyes/ eyes like a hawk)

*NB Also known by the name of “quebrantahuesos”.

Some examples of the use of the word "águila" are:
  • Andamos a palos con el águila (we are broke);
  • Ese tipo es un águila (that guy is really smart);
  • Ese tipo es un águila (that guy is a swindler);
  • Pedro tiene vista de águila (Pedro has eyes like a hawk); loves the word "águila" in the YouTube clip: Águila real atacando cabra montesa

For more on the word "águila", visit: Águila

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “águila” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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