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Today's WOTD is: "vaca" = cow

In Spanish, the noun "vaca" is a feminine noun of Latin origin which means cow. The masculine noun is “toro”, which refers to the English term bull.

A Spanish word often associated with the noun “vaca” is “ternera”, which means calf/ veal. For more on the word “ternera”, visit WOTD "ternera" .

Some commonly used expressions containing the words "vaca" are:
  • Carne de vaca (beef);
  • Filete de vaca (fillet steak);
  • Estar como una vaca (to be very fat);
  • Manteca de vaca (butter – from cows milk);
  • Ponerse como una vaca (to get very fat);
  • Uva de teta de vaca (a grape variety);
  • Vaca loca (mad cow);
  • Vacas flacas (lean years/ lean time periods);
  • Vacas gordas (boom years/ boom time periods);
  • Vaca lechera (dairy cow);
  • Vaca marina (manatee);
  • Vaca sagrada (sacred cow);

Some examples of the use of the word "vaca" are:
  • Hoy tenemos carne de vaca (today we have beef);
  • Hoy tenemos filete de vaca con patatas fritas (today we have fillet steak with chips);
  • Ana está como una vaca (Ana is very fat);
  • En la nevera hay manteca de vaca (there is butter in the fridge);
  • Pedro se ha puesto como una vaca (Pedro has got very fat);
  • La enefermedad de las vacas locas (mad cow disease);
  • Estamos en época de vacas flacas (we are going through a lean period);
  • Estamos en época de vacas gordas (we are going through a boom period);
  • Tengo una vaca lechera (I have a dairy milk cow – title of a popular song!); loves the word "vaca" in the YouTube clip: LA VACA LECHERA 

For more on the word "vaca", visit: Vaca

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “vaca” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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