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Today's WOTD is: "lobo" = wolf

In Spanish, the noun "lobo" is a masculine noun of Latin origin which means wolf. The feminine form of this noun is “loba” means female wolf.

Some commonly used expressions containing the words "lobo" are:
  • Can que mata lobo (mastiff – literally, dog which kills wolves);
  • Como boca de lobo (pitch dark);
  • Coger un lobo (to get drunk);
  • Desollar el lobo (to sleep off a hangover);
  • Dormir el lobo (to sleep off a hangover);
  • El lobo feroz (the big bad wolf);
  • Esperar del lobo carne (to hope in vain – to expect something from someone who wants to keep it all to himself);
  • Hombre lobo (werewolf);
  • Lobo con piel de oveja (wolf in sheep's clothes);
  • Lobo de mar (sea dog);
  • Lobo marino (seal);
  • ¡Menos lobos! (expression used to tell someone to stop exaggerating);
  • Perro lobo (wolf hound);
  • Pillar un lobo (to get drunk);
  • Verle las orejas al lobo (to realise something is wrong/ to get a fright);

Some examples of the use of the word "lobo" are:
  • Ese bicho es un can que mata lobo (that beast is a mastiff);
  • Aquel local de copas estaba oscuro como la boca del lobo (it was pitch dark in that pub);
  • Anoche cogimos un lobo tremendo (las night we got really drunk);
  • Anoche pillamos un lobo tremendo (las night we got really drunk);
  • Esta mañana desollamos el lobo (this morning we slept off the hangover);
  • Esta mañana dormimos el lobo (this morning we slept off the hangover);
  • El cuento de Caperucita roja y el lobo feroz (the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf);
  • Creo que con Pedro esperas del lobo carne (I think you will get nothing out of Pedro);
  • Un hombre lobo americano en Londres (An American werewolf in London);
  • Ten cuidado, ese tipo es un lobo con piel de oveja (be careful, that guy is a wolf in sheep's clothes);
  • Cuando era joven, conocí un viejo lobo de mar (when I was young, I got to know an old sea dog);
  • Esta vez le he visto las orejas al lobo (this time, I really got a fright); loves the word "lobo" in the YouTube clip: Fabulas: El Lobo con piel de Oveja

For more on the word "lobo", visit: Lobo

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