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Today's WOTD is: "rojo" = red

In Spanish, the word "rojo" is a describing word/ adjective of Latin origin which means red.

In Spanish, the word “rojo” can also be a masculine noun which means the colour red. As a noun, “rojo” may also mean left wing/ communist or someone in the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War.

Some commonly used expressions containing the words "rojo" are:
  • Abeto rojo (spruce);
  • Al rojo (red hot);
  • Al rojo vivo (incandescent/ red hot/ at boiling point);
  • Farolillo rojo (the one who “brings up the rear”);
  • La roja (the Spanish National football team);
  • Lápiz rojo (red pencil);
  • Libro rojo (red book - Mao Zedong's, etc.);
  • Marea roja (red tide);
  • Números rojos (to be in the red);
  • Piel roja (native American);
  • Ponerse rojo* (to blush/ to turn red – person/ or to turn/ to go red - traffic lights);
  • Rojo cereza (cherry red - colour);
  • Rojo chillón (bright red - colour);
  • Tarjeta roja (red card)**;
  • Tuna roja (wild/ red prickly pear);

*NB Please note that when it means to blush, it is a describing word/ adjective and needs to agree with the gender of the person in question – see examples below.
**NB Used in sports, e.g. football/ soccer.

Some examples of the use of the word "rojo" are:
  • Tenemos madera de abeto rojo (we have spruce timber);
  • El hierro estaba al rojo (the iron was red hot);
  • La situación está al rojo vivo (the situation is at boiling point);
  • Pedro es el farolillo rojo (Pedro brings up the rear);
  • Necesito un lápiz rojo (I need a red pencil);
  • El Libro rojo de Mao Zedong ( Mao Zedong's Red Book);
  • La marea roja es un fenómeno natural (red tide is a natural phenomenon);
  • Tenemos que tratar de evitar los números rojos (we need to try to avoid being in the red);
  • Antonio se puso rojo (Antonio blushed);
  • Julia se puso roja (Julia blushed);
  • Ese vestido rojo cereza te queda muy bien (you really suit that cherry red dress);
  • La tarjeta roja significa expulsión (a red card means a sending off);
  • La gelatina de tuna roja está muy rica (wild prickly pear gelatine is delicious); loves the word "rojo" in the YouTube clip: La Historia De Los !Campeones! La Roja (Spanish)2012 .avi

For more on the word "rojo", visit: Rojo

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “rojo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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