Thursday, 14 June 2012

At What Time Do You Have Supper?


This post deals with talking about the timings of daily activities in general, and more specifically with indicating at what time you have supper.


Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or colleague. Maybe you are talking about your daily habits. At some point, the other person says: "at what time do you have supper?"

In Spanish, the other person could choose to be less formal and say:
¿A qué hora cenas?

Alternatively, he/ she could choose to be more formal and say:
¿A qué hora cena (usted)?


The question is an invitation for you to state the time you have supper. When you state the time you have supper, you DO NOT need to be concerned about the level of formality in the other person's question. Perhaps what you want to say is that you have supper at:

  • A specific time
  • A specific time on specific days

Here are some examples of how you could reply:
  • Ceno a las nueve (I have supper at nine)
  • Los lunes ceno a las nueve y media (on Mondays I have supper at half past nine)
  • Los viernes ceno a las ocho y media (on Fridays I have supper at half past eight)
  • De lunes a viernes ceno a las nueve (Monday to Friday I have supper at nine)

Please note the difference between the expressions of time used in these answers and typical expressions used in telling the time, such as:
  • Es la una (it is one o'clock)
  • Son las siete (it is seven o'clock)
Please note also that if you wanted to indicate that you have supper an unspecified time, you could just say:
  • Ceno por la noche (I have supper in the evening/ at night)

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿A qué hora cenas?

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