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Today's WOTD is: "hoja" = leaf

In Spanish, the noun "hoja" is a feminine noun of Latin origin the main meaning of which is leaf. However, the noun “hoja” may also be used in Spanish to refer to:
  • A sheet of paper, metal, wood, etc.;
  • A page of a book, a writing pad, a notebook etc.;
  • A form for filling in;
  • A publicity/ information flyer;
  • A publicity/ information leaflet;
  • The blade of a knife, a sword, a cutting tool, etc.;
  • Each one of the thin layers in puff pastry/ puff paste;

Related Spanish nouns are:
  • hojaldre”, which means puff pastry/ puff paste.
  • hojalata”, which means tin/ tinplate;

Some commonly used expressions containing the word "hoja" are:
  • Árbol de hoja caduca (deciduous tree);
  • Árbol de hoja perenne (evergreen tree);
  • Batir hoja (metal beating/ goldbeating);
  • Hoja de afeitar (razor blade);
  • Hoja de cálculo (spreadsheet);
  • Hoja de especificaciones (spec sheet);
  • Hoja de Flandes (tin/ tinplate);
  • Hoja de lata (tin/ tinplate);
  • Hoja de laurel (bay leaf);
  • Hoja de Milan (tin/ tinplate);
  • Hoja de parra (vine leaf – literal);
  • Hoja de parra (figleaf – in the Bible, etc.);
  • Hoja de pedido (order form);
  • Hoja de reclamaciones (complaints form/ book);
  • Hoja de ruta (waybill - transportation);
  • Hoja de ruta (road map – politics);
  • Hoja de servicios (service record);
  • Hoja de vida (curriculum vitae/ resumé);
  • Mil hojas (mille-fuille);
  • Milhojas (mille-fuille);
  • Pasar las hojas (to turn the pages);
  • Poner a alguien como hoja de perejil ( to call him/ her every name under the sun);

Some examples of the use of the word "hoja" and related words are:
  • El castaño es árbol de hoja caduca (the chestnut is a deciduous tree);
  • El pino es árbol de hoja perenne (the pine is an evergreen);
  • Se bate hoja de oro desde la antigüedad (goldbeating is a process which dates back to ancient times);
  • Necesito hojas de afeitar (I need razor baldes);
  • Tenmos todos esos datos en una hoja de cálculo (we have all that data in a spreadsheet);
  • La hoja de especificaciones se puede descargar de la página web (the spec sheet can be downloaded from the web page);
  • Ese coche parece hecho de hojalata (that car looks like it is made of tin);
  • La hoja de laurel se usa mucho en la cocina como condimento (the bay leaf is often used in cooking for seasoning);
  • Adán y Eva se tapaban con hojas de parra (Adam and Eve covered themselves with figleaves);
  • Hemos rellenado la hoja de pedido (we have filled in the order form);
  • Hay hojas de reclamaciones a disposición de nuestros clientes (complaints forms are available for our customers);
  • En 2003 se elaboró una hoja de ruta para la paz entre Israel y Palestina (in 2003 a road map for peace between Israel and Palestine was produced);
  • La hoja de servicios de Pedro es muy extensa (Pedro has a very extensive service record);
  • Envié la hoja de vida por correo electrónico (I sent my CV by e-mail);
  • El milhojas de nata y merengue está riquísimo (the cream and meringue mille-fuille is lovely);
  • Pasar las hojas es fácil en los lectores de libros electrónicos (turning the pages is easy on e-book readers);
  • Me pusieron como hoja de perejil (they called me every name under the sun); loves the word "hoja" in the YouTube clip: Arbol sin hojas- Dread Mar1

For more on the word "hoja", visit: Hoja

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