Friday, 27 April 2012

What Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or a colleague. You are talking about Zodiac signs. At some point, the other person says to you something like: "what is your zodiac sign?"

In Spanish, the other person could choose to be less formal and say:
¿Cual es tu signo del zodíaco?

Alternatively, he/ she could choose to be more formal and say:
¿Cual es su signo del zodíaco?

The question is an invitation for you to talk about your zodiac sign. When stating what your zodiac sing is, you DO NOT need to be concerned about the level of formality in the other person's question. Your main concern should be about communicating what your zodiac sign is. Perhaps what you want to say is:

  • You belong to a specific sign;
  • Your sign is a specific sign;
  • You don't know your sign

Here are some examples of how you could say what your sign is:
  • Soy Acuario (I am Aquarius);
  • Mi signo es Acuario (my sign is Aquarius);
  • Soy Piscis (I am Pisces);
  • Mi signo es Piscis (my sign is Pisces);
  • Soy Aries (I am Aries);
  • Mi signo es Aries (my sign is Aries);
  • Soy Tauro (I am Taurus);
  • Mi signo es Tauro (my sign is Taurus);
  • Soy Géminis (I am Gemini);
  • Mi signo es Géminis (my sign is Gemini);
  • Soy Cáncer (I am Cancer);
  • Mi signo es Cáncer (my sign is Cancer);
  • Soy Leo (I am Leo);
  • Mi signo es Leo (my sign is Leo);
  • Soy Virgo (I am Virgo);
  • Mi signo es Virgo (my sign is Virgo);
  • Soy Libra (I am an Libra);
  • Mi signo es Libra (my sign is Libra);
  • Soy Escorpio (I am Scorpio);
  • Mi signo es Escorpio (my sign is Scorpio);
  • Soy Sagitario (I am Sagittarius);
  • Mi signo es Sagitario (my sign is Sagittarius);
  • Soy Capricornio (I am Capricorn);
  • Mi signo es Capricornio (my sign is Capricorn);
  • No sé cual es mi signo (I don't know what sign I am)

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿Cual es tu signo del zodíaco?

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