Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Today's WOTD is: "pinchazo" = puncture

In Spanish, the noun "pinchazo" is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the meaning of which is puncture.

The Spanish noun “pinchazo” may also be used to refer to:
  • A wound caused by knife or other sharp object;
  • An injection shot/ a drug fix;
  • A sudden sharp pain;

Some examples of the use of the word "pinchazo" are:
  • Tenemos que reparar el pinchazo (we have to repair the puncture);
  • Sentí un pinchazo en la muela del juicio (I felt a sharp pain in a wisdom tooth);
  • Necesito pinchazos diarios de insulina (I need daily shots of insuline); loves the word "pinchazo" in the YouTube clip: Pantera Rosa – Pinchazo Rosa

For more on the word "pinchazo", visit: Pinchazo

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