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Today's WOTD is: "volante" = steering wheel

In Spanish, the noun "volante" is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the meaning of which, in motoring, is steering wheel. The noun, "volante" may also be used to refer to:
  • A flounce/ frill/ ruffle in dresses/ dressmaking.
  • A flywheel in machinery/ engineering.
  • A watch's balance wheel in watchmaking.
  • A shuttlecock in the game of badmington.
  • A winger -a type of football player.
  • A leaflet/ flier (some parts of Latin America).
  • A referral note/ slip (mainly in Spain).
  • A racing driver (in some parts of Latin America).
The word "volante" relates to the action word/ verb "volar" to fly. The describing word/ adjective "volante" could also be used with the meaning, flying.

Some commonly used expressions containing the words "volante" are:
  • Ciervo volante (stag beetle).
  • Estar al volante (to be at the wheel/ to be driving).
  • Ir al volante (to drive/ to be at the wheel).
  • Moscas volantes (myodesopsia/ eye floaters -an eye condition).
  • Pez volante (flying fish).
  • Platillo volante (flying saucer).
  • Ponerse al volante (to get at the wheel/ to get behind the wheel).
  • Víbora volante (capricorn beetle).

Some examples of the use of the words "volante" are:
  • Esa falda de volantes es preciosa (that frilly skirt is lovely).
  • El volante del reloj esta estropeado (the watch balance is not working properly).
  • El ciervo volante y la víbora volante son especies protegidas (the stag beetle and the capricorn beetle are protected species).
  • Tu estabas al volante, ¿verdad? (you were at the wheel, weren't you?).
  • Tu ibas al volante, ¿verdad? (you were at the wheel, weren't you?).
  • Tu te pusiste al volante, ¿verdad? (you got behind the wheel, didn't you?).
  • Las moscas volantes son un trastorno ocular muy peligroso (eye floaters are a very dangerous eye condition). 
  • La aparición de peces volantes resultó un espectáculo inesperado (coming across flying fish became an unexpected spectacle).
  • Entonces, al oscurecer, observamos lo que nos pareció ser un platillo volante (then, at dusk, we saw what appeared to be a flying saucer). loves the word "volante" in the YouTube clip: Consejos CEA: Distracciones al Volante

For more on the word "volante", visit: Volante

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