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Shopping For Clothes


This post deals with shopping in general, and more specifically with shopping for clothes.


Imagine you walk into a clothing shop. After exchanging customary greetings, the shop assistant says to you something like: "can I help you/ how can I help you?"

In Spanish, the other person could choose to be more formal and say:
¿Qué desea (usted)?

Alternatively, he/ she could choose to be less formal and say:
¿Que deseas?

The question in Spanish is an invitation for you to say what you want/ what you are after. Answering that question should be quite straightforward and depends mainly on what you are looking for.

Maybe you are looking for:
  • Some item of clothing (general).
  • A specific item of clothing;
    • Specific size;
    • Specific colour;
    • Specific material;
    • An item like one on display.

Here are some examples of how you could reply:
  • Quería una chaqueta (I would like  a jacket).
  • Quería unos pantalones (I would like/ I am looking for trousers).
  • Quería un abrigo (I would like  an overcoat).
  • Quería una camisa (I would like a shirt).
  • Quería una chaqueta marrón (I would like a brown jacket).
  • Quería unos pantalones negros (I would like/ I am looking for black trousers).
  • Quería un abrigo gris (I would like a grey overcoat).
  • Quería una camisa blanca (I would like a white shirt).
  • Quería una chaqueta talla cuarenta (I would like a size 40 jacket).
  • Quería unos pantalones talla cuarenta (I would like/ I am looking for size 40 trousers).
  • Quería un abrigo talla cuarenta (I would like a size 40 overcoat).
  • Quería una camisa talla cuarenta (I would like a size 40 shirt).
  • Quería una chaqueta de piel (I would like  a leather jacket).
  • Quería unos pantalones de pana (I would like/ I am looking for corduroy  trousers).
  • Quería un abrigo de lana (I would like a woolen overcoat).
  • Quería una camisa de algodón (I would like a cotton shirt).

Now you should practice answering the question:
¿Qué desea (usted)?

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