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Today's WOTD is: "embrague" = clutch

In Spanish, the noun "embrague" is a masculine noun of uncertain origin, the meaning of which is clutch.

The noun "embrague" relates to the action word/ verb "embragar", which means to engage the clutch.

Some commonly used expressions containing the word "embrague” are:
  • Disco de embrague (clutch disk).
  • Embrague automático (automatic clutch).
  • Embrague de diafragma (diaphragm clutch).
  • Embrague de fricción (friction clutch).
  • Embrague electromagnético (electromganetic clutch)
  • Embrague hidráulico (hydraulic clutch).

Some examples of the use of the words "embrague" or “embragar”are:
  • Hay que cambiar el disco de embrague (we have to change the clutch disk.
  • Este coche tiene embrague automático (this car has an automatic clutch).
  • Este coche tiene embrague de diafragma (this car has a diaphragm clutch).
  • Este coche tiene embrague de fricción (this car has a friction clutch).
  • Este coche tiene embrague electromagnético (this car has an electromagnetic clutch).
  • Este coche tiene embrague hidráulico (this car has a hydraulic clutch).
  • ¿Hay que embragar o desembragar? (do you have to engage or disengage the clutch?). loves the word "embrague" in the YouTube clip: Como dijo – Embragar o Embriagar

For more on the word "embrague", visit: Embrague

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