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Today's WOTD is: 'brazo' =arm

In Spanish, the noun 'brazo' is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is the arm*. The noun 'brazo' is often used in Spanish in its plural form 'brazos'. In its plural form, 'brazos' it may be used to refer to  labourers/workers.

*NB the Spanish noun 'brazo' may not be used to translate into Spanish the English expression "to be up in arms".

Some commonly used expressions containing the word 'brazo' are:
  • Al brazo (on the arm/ hanging from the arm).
  • Brazo armado (military arm).
  • Brazo de gitano (Swiss roll/ jelly roll).
  • Brazo de mar (sea inlet/sound).
  • Con los brazos abiertos (with open arms).
  • Con los brazos cruzados (with arms crossed/ idle & watching others work).
  • Cruzarse de brazos (to stop working/ watch others work).
  • Algo colgado del brazo (something hanging from the arm)
  • Del brazo (arm in arm).
  • En brazos (in the arms)
  • En los brazos de alguien (in someone's arms).
  • No dar el brazo a torcer (to stand firmly/ not to give in).
  • Ser el brazo derecho de alguien (to be someone's right-hand man)

Examples of the use of the word 'brazo' are:
  • Ana lleva el bolso al brazo (Ana has the bag hanging from the arm).
  • Ana lleva el bolso colgado del brazo (Ana has the bag hanging from the arm).
  • De postre, tenemos brazo de gitano (for dessert, we have Swiss/ jelly roll).
  • Cruzamos el brazo de mar de un lado al otro en una canoa (we crossed from  one side of the bay/sound to the other by canoe).
  • Mi primo me recibió con los brazos abiertos (my cousin welcomed me with open arms).
  • Ahi tienes a tu hermana, de nuevo de brazos cruzados (there you have your sister, once more just standing idle/ watching others work).
  • Tu hermano se cruzó de brazos (you brother just stood there)
  • Caminábamos del brazo (we were walking arm in arm).
  • Luisa llevaba el niño en brazos (Luisa carried the child in her arms).
  • Caí en los brazos de Morfeo (I fell in Morpheous arms/ I fell asleep).
  • Mira que eres tozudo, no das el brazo a torcer (how stubborn, you never give in).
  • Sabemos que Pedro es tu brazo derecho (we know that Pedro is your right-hand man). loves the word 'brazo' in the YouTube clip: Brazo gitano de trufa y chocolate. Receta de Navidad

For more on the word 'brazo', visit: Brazo

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “brazo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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