Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tel Me, What Are You Planning To Do?

Imagine you are talking to a relative, a friend or a colleague. Maybe you are talking about planned activities in general. Perhaps you are talking about your plans for tomorrow. Your relative, friend or colleague wants to know what you are intending doing tomorrow. As a prompt, he/ she decides to say to you something like: "tell me, what you are planning to do tomorrow"

He/ she could choose to be less formal and say:
Cuéntame, ¿qué piensas hacer mañana?

Alternatively, he/ she could choose to be a little bit more formal and say:
Cuénteme, ¿qué piensa hacer (usted) mañana?


You DO NOT need be concerned about the degree of formality in what the other person says. Whether the other person uses the more/ less formal question is irrelevant to your choice of answer.

Your answer depends only on what you want to say about your plans for tomorrow. There could be many things you could say about such plans. Maybe you want to choose between saying that you are planning to do:
  • Nothing specific.
  • One specific thing.
  • Several things (outlined in chronological order).

Here are some examples of the use pensar to deal with those basic possibilities:
  • Mañana no pienso hacer nada en particular (I am not planning on doing anything special tomorrow).
  • Mañana pienso ir a trabajar como todos los días (tomorrow I intend going to work as usual).
  • Primero pienso hacer los deberes de español, luego pienso ir de compras, después ir a tomar algo y por último pienso regresar a casa en taxi (first I intend doing my Spanish homework, then I intend going shopping, I then for a drink and lastly I intend returning home by taxi).

Now you should practice answering the question:
Cuéntame, ¿qué piensas hacer mañana?

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