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The WOTD is: 'gusto' = taste

In Spanish, the noun 'gusto' is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the main meaning of which is taste (the sense of taste). The Spanish noun 'gusto' may also be used to refer to:
  • A perceived flavour.
  • Something pleasing (pleasure) .
  • The ability to recognise nice/ ugly things (taste).
A related Spanish action word/ verb is 'gustar'*. The verb 'gustar' may be used indicate things which give us pleasure, in other words, what we like.
*Please see grammar below*

A related Spanish describing word/ adjective is: 'gustoso'. The Spanish adjective 'gustoso' means pleasant in English.

Some expressions containing the word 'gusto' or the related words in them are:
  • A gusto (at ease).
  • A gusto del consumidor(*) (as you like it/ however someone likes it).
  • A mi/ tu/ su/ nuestro/ vuestro gusto (as I/ you/ he/ she/ we/ they like it).
  • Al gusto (food preapred/ cooked to suit the preference of the person it is intended for).
  • Buen gusto (good taste).
  • Como gustes (as you like).
  • Como usted guste (as you like-more formal).
  • Con (mucho) gusto (with (much) pleasure/ delight).
  • Cuando gustes (whenever you like).
  • Cuando usted guste (whenever you like-more formal)
  • Da gusto (it produces pleasure/ it is so nice/ what a pleasure!).
  • Despacharse (alguien) a su gusto (to speak or act at pleasure/ without care).
  • Encontrarle el gusto a algo (to develop a taste for something).
  • Hablar al gusto de alguien (to say what someone expects to hear).
  • Ir algo en gustos (to depend on individuals' tastes).
  • Mal gusto (bad taste).
  • ¡Mucho gusto! (when meeting someone: "pleased to meet you").
  • Para gustos hay colores(*) (each to is own/ there is no accounting for taste).
  • Para mi/ tu/ su/ nuestro/ vuestro gusto... (in my/ your/ his/ her/our their opinion).
  • ¡Tanto gusto! (when meeting someone: "pleased to meet you").
  • Tener gusto a... (to taste like...).
  • Tomarle/ cogerle/ agarrarle el gusto a algo (to take a liking to something).
(*)NB Set phrase/ idiom

Examples of the use of the word 'gusto' or related words are:
  • Me encontré muy a gusto en tu casa (I felt so at ease in your house).
  • El pescado tiene un gusto raro (The fish tastes funny).
  • El helado tiene gusto a naranja (the ice cream tastes of orange).
  • Pedro tomó la cerveza con mucho gusto (Pedro drank the beer with much delight).
  • Da gusto ver como juegan los niños (what a pleasure to see the children play).
  • Par mi gusto deberíamos hacerlo ahora (in my opinion, we should do it now).
  • Pedro tiene muy buen gusto para esas cosas (Pedro has good taste in regards to these things).
  • Esta comida va en gustos (this food has an acquired taste/ not to everyone's taste)

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