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The WOTD is: 'oído' = hearing/ ear

In Spanish, the noun 'oído' is a masculine noun of Latin origin, the meaning of which is the ear (anatomy organ) and hearing (sense/ faculty). The noun 'oído' may be used in Spanish to refer to an aptitude for music.

A related Spanish action word/ verb is 'oír', the meaning of which is: to hear.

A related Spanish describing word/ adjective is: 'audible'. The Spanish adjective 'audible' describes a sound which can be heard.

Some expressions containing the words 'oído' or the related verb 'oír' in them are:
  • Abrir los oídos (to listen intently/ to prick up one's ears).
  • Aguzar los oídos (= Abrir los oídos/ to 'sharpen' one's ears)
  • Al oído 
    • 'by word of mouth'
    • whispering/ speaking to someone's ear.
    • confidentially
  • Cerrar los oídos (to refuse to listen to reasons or excuses).
  • De oído (someting learned just by ear-no other aids or training).
  • Dolor de oidos (earache)
  • Duro de oído (hard of hearing/ a bit deaf)
  • Entrar por un oído y salir por el otro (in one ear out the other).
  • Hacer oídos sordos (to pretend not to hear something).
  • Regalarle a alguien el oído (to flatter)
  • Ser todo oídos (= Abrir los oídos/ to be all ears).
  • Taparse los oídos (sign of displeasure/ avoid hearing something considered unpleasant).
  • Tener buen oído (to have an ear for music).
  • Tener oído (to have an ear for music)
  • Zumbar los oídos a alguien (ears are burning).
  • ¡Oiga! (excuse me!/ try to attract someone's attention).
  • ¡Oye! (hey!/ try to attract someone's attention-less formal than '¡oiga!').

Examples of the use of the words 'oído', are:
  • Pedro es todo oídos (Pedro is all ears/ listening intently).
  • Pedro se hace oídos sordos (Pedro is pretending not to hear/ doesn't want to listen).
  • María no tiene oído (María does not have an ear for music).
  • Aprendí a tocar la guitarra de oído (I learned to play the guitar by ear). loves the word 'oído' in the YouTube clip: La Oreja de Van Gogh - Cuentame Al Oído
For more on the word 'oído', visit: Oído
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