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The WOTD is: 'fresa' = strawberry

In Spanish, the word 'fresa' is a feminine noun of French origin, the meaning of which is strawberry (the fruit). The noun 'fresa' is also used to refer to the strawberry plant and a shade of red colour (strawberry red).

The feminine noun 'fresa' is also be used in Spanish as an engineering term to refer to a metal work or wood work machine/ tool (milling cutter). The action word (verb) "fresar" is used to describe de action of milling/ cutting metal or wood. The noun "fresa" and the verb "fresar" are also used in agriculture when referring to rotary tilling.

A couple of expressions containing the noun 'fresa' in it are:
  • Fresas con nata (strawberries and cream) 
  • La fresa del dentista (the dentist drill)

 An example of the use of the word 'fresa' is:
  • De postre, tenemos fresas con nata (for dessert, we have strawberries and cream) loves the word 'fresa' in the YouTube clip: La mancha de fresas Caillou
For more on the word 'fresa, visit: Fresa
 *NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “fresa” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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