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The WOTD is: 'frambuesa' = raspberry

In Spanish, the word 'frambuesa' is a feminine noun of French origin, the meaning of which is raspberry (the fruit). The noun 'frambuesa' may also be used in Spanish to refer to a colour (raspberry colour).

NB The word 'frambuesa' should not be used to translate into Spanish the English expression "to blow a raspberry", which may be translated into Spanish as: "hacer una pedorreta" or "hacer una trompetilla".

A couple of expressions containing the noun 'frambuesa' in them are:
  • Mermelada de frambuesa (raspberry jam)
  • Jarabe de frambuesa (raspberry syrup) 

 An example of the use of the word 'frambuesa' is:
  • Este helado de frambuesa está riquísimo (this raspberry ice cream es really nice) loves the word 'frambuesa' in the YouTube clip: Helado Instantáneo de Frambuesa (Ataque)
For more on the word 'frambuesa', visit: Frambuesa
 *NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “frambuesa” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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