Monday, 10 October 2011


Today's word is: 'naranja' = orange.

In Spanish, the word 'naranja' is a feminine noun of Arabic/ Persian/ Sanskrit origin which means orange (the fruit of the orange tree -in Spanish the tree is called, "naranjo").

Note.- Please note that when referring to the house of Orange-Nassau, the word 'Orange' is usually not translated into Spanish. Thus, William I of Orange is commonly referred to in Spanish as Gillermo I de Orange.

Some expressions with the noun 'naranja' in them are:
  • Jugo de naranja (orange juice)
  • La Naranja Mecánica (A Clockwork Orange-novel & film)
  • Naranja amarga (Seville orange)
  • Mi/ tu/ su media naranja (my/ your/ his/ her better half... or other half)
  • ¡Naranjas de la China! (no way!)
  • Piel de naranja (cellulite)
  • Zumo de naranja (orange juice)

Examples of the use of the word 'naranja' are:
  • Pedro ha encontrado su media naranja (Pedro has found his better half).
  • Me gustan esos calcetines de color naranja (I like those orange socks).
  • Te repito que ¡naranjas de la china! (I will say it again: no way!). loves the word 'naranja' in the YouTube clip in which Fey singsMedia Naranja
For more on the word 'naranja', visit: Naranja
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