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La palabra de hoy es: 'vino' = wine.

In Spanish, the word 'vino' could be a masculine noun of Latin origin. In that case, the noun 'vino' is the name given to an alcoholic drink made from the juice of grapes, i.e.: wine.

Alternatively, the word 'vino' could be from the the verb 'venir' (to come). In this case, 'vino' would be a form of the past tense, i.e.: he/ she/ it came.

Some Spanish expressions with noun 'vino' are:
  • Bautizar el vino (to water down wine)
  • Cristianar el vino (to water down wine)
  • Dormir el vino (to be in a state of drunken stupor)
  • Pregonar vino y vender vinagre (nice words... not so nice actions/ intentions) 
  • Tener mal vino (to become aggressive/ quarrelsome when drunk)
  • Vino clarete (claret)
  • Vino de la casa (house wine)
  • Vino de mesa (table wine) 
  • Vino del país (local wine)
  • Vino dulce (sweet wine)
  • Vino espumoso (sparkling wine)
  • Vino espumante (sparkling wine)
  • Vino peleón (low quality wine/ 'plonk')
  • Vino rosado (rosé)
  • Vino seco (dry wine)
  • Vino tinto (red wine)
Some examples of the use of the word 'vino' are:
  • Un vaso de vino blanco, por favor (a glass of white wine, please)
  • Antonio tiene muy mal vino (Antonio ususally gets a agressive when he has a drink)
  • Pedro esta durmiendo el vino (Pedro is in a drunken stupor)
  • En la bodega de la esquina bautizan el vino (in the wine bar on the corner, the wine is usually being watered down)
  • Manolo vino de Madrid ayer (Manolo came from Madrid yesterday) loves the word 'vino' in the YouTube clip in which Estopa sing: Vino Tinto
For more on the word 'vino', visit: Vino
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