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Today's word is: 'gaseosa' = lemonade/soda/fizzy soft drink.

In Spanish, the word 'gaseosa' is either:
  • A feminine noun of Latin origin which means a fizzy sweet soft drink.
  • The feminine form of the adjective 'gaseoso' which describes things which are gaseous/ fizzy.
Note.- In Spain, especially in summer, it is quite common to add 'gaseosa' to beer or wine to make them into less strong/ more refreshing drinks. Beer with 'gaseosa' is often called a 'clara' and could be considered the Spanish version of a shandy. A 'clara' can also consist of beer and lemon juice. When 'gaseosa' is added to red wine, the resulting drink is usually called 'tinto de verano'.

An expression with the word 'gaseosa' is:
  • Lata de gaseosa (a can of fizzy/ soft drink/ a can of soda)

An example of the use of the word 'gaseosa' is:
  • Me apetece una gaseosa (I feel like having fizzy drink/ a soda) loves the word 'gaseosa' in the Leo Harlem YouTube clip in which fun is poked at wine experts/ tasters: Alarma Social 5-El Vino y La Gaseosa
For more on the word 'gaseosa', visit: Gaseosa

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