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La palabra de hoy es: 'café' = coffee.

The Spanish word 'café' is a masculine noun of Turkish/ Arabic origin and is the name given to:
  • The fruit (beans) of the coffee bush
  • An infusion of ground and roasted coffee beans
  • A bar or other place where coffee and other drinks are sold and can be consumed

In some parts of the Spanish-speaking world, the noun 'café' is also used to mean:
  • A strong reprimand
  • A colour (a shade of brown)
 Also, in some parts of the Spanish-speaking world, the expression of 'tomar café' is used to mean:
  • To have breakfast
Some Spanish expressions with noun 'café' are
  • Café americano (large weak black coffee)
  • Café bar (café)
  • Café a la turca (unfiltered black coffee drink)
  • Café cantante (cabaret)
  • Café concierto (café with live music)
  • Café con leche (white coffee)
  • Café cortado (white coffee with just a dash of milk)
  • Café descafeinado (decaffeinated coffee)
  • Café en grano (coffee beans)
  • Café expreso (black coffee)
  • Café instantáneo (instant coffee)
  • Café irlandés (Irish coffee-with cream and whisky)
  • Café molido (ground coffee)
  • Café natural (lightly roasted coffee)
  • Café negro (black coffee-some parts of Latin America)
  • Café puro (black coffee-some parts of Latin America)
  • Café solo (black coffee-Spain)
  • Café soluble (instant coffee)
  • Café teatro (dinner theatre/ pub theatre)
  • Café torrefacto (lightly roasted coffee)
  • Café tinto (black coffee-Colombia)
  • Café vienés (Viennese coffee-white coffee with cream)
  • Dar un café (to tell off)
  • Mal café (bad intentions/meanness/  foul mood)

Examples of the use of the noun 'café' are:
  • Un café con leche, por favor (A white coffee, please)
  • A Manolo le dieron un café (Manolo was told off)
  • ¡Qué mal café tienes! (you are really nasty!)
  • Estoy de muy mal café (I am in a foul mood)

Love-Spanish.com loves the word 'café' in the YouTube clip of N.O.H.A. singingTu Café
For more on the word 'café', visit: Wordreference.com/es/en/ Café
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