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La palabra de hoy es: 'agua' = water.

In Spanish, the word 'agua' is either:
  • A feminine noun of Latin origin and meaning water.
  • A form of the verb 'aguar' (to water down), in which case, it means he/ she waters down
Grammar.- The noun "agua" belongs to a group of Spanish nouns which, despite being of feminine gender, they they require a masculine article "el" instead of "la" (i.e.: 'el agua'). This rule does not apply to the plural ("aguas"), nor when there is another word in between the article and the noun 'agua' (for example "la cristalina agua"/ "las aguas").

A selection of the many Spanish expressions with noun 'agua' is:
  • Agua bendita (holy water)
  • Agua caliente (hot water)
  • Agua corriente (tap/ running water)
  • Agua destilada (distilled water)
  • Agua de borrajas (something not important at all)
  • Agua de cepas (wine-colloquially)
  • Agua de colonia (eau de cologne)
  • Agua de coco (coconut water)
  • Agua de mesa (bottled drinking water)
  • Agua de Seltz (carbonated water)
  • Agua de rosas (rose water)
  • Agua dura (hard water)
  • Agua dulce (fresh water)
  • Agua fuerte (nitric acid)
  • Agua mineral (mineral water)
  • Agua mineral con gas (sparkling mineral water)
  • Agua mineral sin gas (still mineral water)
  • Agua oxigenada (peroxide/ hydrogen peroxide)
  • Agua potable (drinking water)
  • Agua salada (salt water)
  • Aguas negras (sewage)
  • Agua nieve (sleet)
  • Agua tónica (tonic water)
  • Pescado de agua dulce (fresh water fish)
Some examples of the use of the word 'agua' are:
  • Un vaso de agua, por favor (a glass of water, please)
  • Sin agua, la vida es imposible (no life is possible without water) 
  • Aquí nadie agua el vino (nobody waters down the wine here) loves the word 'vino' in the YouTube clip in which Jarabe de Palo singAgua
For more on the word 'agua', visit: Agua
 *NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “agua” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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