Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shall We Meet In... ?


Imagine you are in the process of making arrangements to meet with a relative, a friend, colleague or a business associate. You might have already agreed on a time and on plaza de España as the place. That person wants to suggest meeting by a kiosk in plaza de España.

He/ she could say to you:
En la plaza de España hay un kiosko ¿nos vemos allí?



The question is a straight forward one. Your answer depends only on what you want to say. Maybe you want to chose between saying that you:
  • Agree to meet him/ her there
  • Think there are two kiosks there and want to ask which one

Here are a couple of examples which deal with those two basic possibilities:
  • Vale, nos vemos en la plaza de España al lado del kiosko (OK we meet in plaza de España by the kiosk)
  • Yo creo que allí hay dos kioskos ¿cuál de ellos? (I think there are two kiosks there, which one?)

Now you should practice answering the question:
En la plaza de España hay un kiosko ¿nos vemos allí?

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