Friday, 15 July 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'cebolla' = onion.

In Spanish, 'cebolla' is a feminine noun of Latin origin.

Words related to the noun 'cebolla' are:
  • Cebolleta (a feminine noun meaning spring onion/ scallion/ chive)
  • Cebollino (a masculine noun meaning spring onion/ scallion/ chive)
  • Encebollado/ encebollada (a describing word/ adjective meaning "cooked with onions")

The noun 'cebolla' is used in some common expressions, such as:
  • Pan y cebolla (bread and onion -staple diet)
  • Papel cebolla (thin tracing paper)
  • Horca de cebollas (a rope of onions)

Examples of the use of 'cebolla' and related words are:
  • La cebolla en ensalada está muy rica (onion is very nice in salads)
  • Contigo pan y cebolla (expression meaning something like: "I don't mind making sacrifices for you")
  • El hígado encebollado es riquísimo (liver and onions is a very tasty dish) loves the word 'cebolla' in the YouTube clip in which Alberto Cortez and Joan Manuel Serrat sing the poem by Miguel Hernández: Nanas de la cebolla
More on the word 'cebolla', visit: Cebolla

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