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La palabra de hoy es: 'atún' = tuna.

The Spanish noun, 'atún' is a masculine noun of Arabic/ Greek origin. The Spanish noun 'atún' is the name given tuna, both as fish species and food.

The noun 'atún' is also used in some parts of the Spanish-speaking world to mean a an ignorant and rude man.

There are number of common Spanish expressions with the noun 'atún', for example:

  • Atún en lata (canned tuna)
  • Lata de atún (tin of tuna)
  • Lomo de atún (tuna steak)
  • Ensalada de atún (tuna salada)

An example of the use of the noun 'atún' is:
  • El atún es un pescado muy sabroso (tuna is a very tasty fish) loves the word 'atún' in the YouTube clip in which El Cocinero Fiel shows how to prepare: Empanada de atún (de vacaciones)
False Friends -Falsos Amigos
Use the word "tuna" with care in Spanish -it is a valid Spanish noun, but it has little to do with fish:
  • The Spanish noun 'tuna' is the name given to a type of (prickly) fig.
  • musical group, usually composed of university students is also known as a "tuna".

More on the word 'atún', visit: Atún

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