Monday, 6 June 2011


The word of the day is: 'pequeño'= small.

The adjective  'pequeño' is used describe someone or something as being smaller than normal. The adjective 'pequeño' can olso be used to indicate younger people and children.

Related nouns are 'el pequeño/ la pequeña', meaning the 'youngest' boy/ girl respectively and 'la pequeñez' the (smallness/ mean-spiritedness).

We also use 'pequeño' in expressions such as:
  • Pequeña empresa (small business sector)
  • Pequeño empresario (small business sector businessman)
  • Pequeña empresaria (small business sector businesswoman)
  • Los pequeños (the children/ kids)
  • Pequeña burguesía (petit burgeoisie)
  • La pequeña pantalla (small screen/ TV)
  Examples of usage are:
  • Mi casa es pequeña (my house is small)
  • Cuando era pequeño me gustaba leer (when I was young, I used to like reading)-boy speaking
  • Cuando era pequeña me gustaba leer (when I was young, I used to like reading)-girl speaking
  • Yo soy el pequeño (I am the youngest-boy)
  • ¡Primero los pequeños! (children first!) loves the word 'pequeño' in the song 'El mundo pequeño' by Ian Brown:

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