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La palabra de hoy es: 'lomo' = back/ spine/ loin.

In Spanish, 'lomo' is a masculine noun of Latin origin and means back. In anatomy, 'lomo' refers to the central part of the lower back. The noun 'lomo' also means the back of a knife when referring to the blunt end of the blade. In addition, the noun 'lomo' also means spine when referring to that element of a book.

When talking about food, 'lomo' usually means meat. Typically, the noun 'lomo' is used to refer to the loin of pork or fillet stake in beef.

A Spanish word related to 'lomo' is 'loma', which means a hillock

Some common expressions with the noun 'lomo' are:
  •  A lomo de... (riding on the back of.../ carried on the back of...)
  • A lomos de... (riding on the back of.../ carried on the back of...)
  • Agachar el lomo (to bend over/ accept someone else's authority/ to work very hard)
  • Agachar el lomo (to work very hard)
  • De tomo y lomo (heavy/ bulky/ big/ important)
  • Jugar de lomos (to be lazy/ idle)
  • Lomo de burro (speed bump on the road)
  • Lomo embuchado (cured loin of pork)
  • Sobar el lomo a... (to suck up to...)

Examples of the use of 'lomo' are:
  • El lomo embuchado está muy rico (the cured pork loin is very tasty)
  • Tuve que ir a lomos de burro (I had to ride on the back of a donkey)
  • ¿Te gusta sobarle el lomo a tu jefe? (do you like sucking up to your boss?)
  • Se armó una trifulca de tomo y lomo (it developed into a big row)
  • Pedro tuvo que agachar el lomo (Pedro had to  accept/ agree) loves the word 'lomo' in the YouTube clip showing how to cookLomo caramelizado con cebolla
More on the word 'lomo', visit: Lomo

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “lomo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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