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The word of the day is: 'hierba' = grass.

The noun  'hierba' is the Spanish word for grass. The Spanish noun  'hierba' has its origin in Latin and means what ordinarily grows on parks, gardens, etc. as grass. The meaning of 'hierba' extends to cover drugs (marihuana), poisons (herbal), age (pasture/ grazing animals).
A related describing word/ adjective  'herbívoro'/ herbívora' describes an animal as being grass-eating

Grammar.- The spelling 'yerba' is also accepted as correct (RAE).
In Spanish, 'hierba' is used in some common expressions, such as:

  • Hierba mala (weed)
  • Mala hierba (weed)
  • Hierba artificial (artificial grass surface)
  • Infusión hierbas (herbal tea)
  • Finas hierbas (herbs-a mixture of aromatic herbs)
  • Hierba luisa (lemon verbena)

Examples of usage of 'hierba' are:
  • Hoy tenemos paté de finas hierbas (today, we have  pâté with herbs)
  • Hierba mala nunca muere  (the Devil looks after his own kind-proverb)
  • Tenemos que arrancar las malas hierbas del jardín (we need to weed the garden)
  • Yo voy a tomar una infusión de hierbas (I will have a herbal tea)
  • El partido se jugó sobre hierba artificial (the match was played on an artificial grass surface) loves the word 'hierba' in YouTube clip  in which Joan Manual Serrat singsTu Nombre Me Sabe a Hierba

More on the word 'hierba', visit: Hierba

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “hierba” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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