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La palabra de hoy es: 'cerdo' = male pig/ pork.

In Spanish, 'cerdo' is a masculine noun which can trace its origin back to Latin and means a male pig/ hog/ boar. The female pig (sow) in Spanish is 'cerda'. When referring to food, the Spanish noun 'cerdo' means pork (meat).

 A couple of Spanish words related to the noun 'cerdo' are 'jabalí' (wild boar) 'lechón' (suckling pig)

In Spanish, the nouns 'cerdo'/ 'cerda' are used in some common expressions:
  • Comer como un cerdo (to eat a lot/ to stuff oneself/ to make a pig of oneself)
  • Ser un cerdo (to be a pig/ a slob-man)
  • Ser una cerda (to be a pig/ a slob-woman) 
Examples of the use of 'cerdo'/ 'cerda' and related words are:
  • Hoy tenemos filete de cerdo con patatas fritas (today we have pork steak and chips)
  • La especialidad de la casa es el lechón asado (roast suckling pig is the house speciality)
  • Comí como un cerdo (I ate like a pig)
  • Eres un cerdo (you are a pig/ a slob/ a bastard-referring to a male)
  • Eres una cerda (you are a pig/ a slob-referring to a female) loves the word 'cerdo' in YouTube clip Molotov singingCerdo
More on the word 'cerdo', visit: Cerdo

*NB 'Click' on the speaker icon next to the word “cerdo” in the link to hear the word pronounced.

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