Thursday, 26 May 2011


The word of the day is: 'claro' = clear.
The spanish adjective claro'/ clara' can be used to indicate that the sky is clear... the sky/ a room/ etc. are bright... a colour is pale/light... or someone's skin is fair.

Related verbs are: 'aclarar' (to clarify), which can be used to seek or give clarification... and 'clarear' (to dawn) (NB.: 'clarear' should not be used in expressions such as: “it dawned on me”).

Related nouns are: 'un claro' (a clearing, for example in the forest, or a clear patch in a cloudy sky)... 'una clara' (the white of an egg... or a type of beer shandy)

Related adverbs are: 'claro'/ 'claramente' (clearly)

Today's word, 'claro' is used in expressions such as 'claro que sí'/ 'claro que no'/ 'claro que... ' which mean: of course

Examples of usage are:
  • Ahora el cielo está claro (the sky is clear/ bright now) 
  • Mañana se esperan nubes y claros (tomorrow, patchy clouds are expected) 
  • Me gusta ese vestido azul claro (I like that light blue dress)
  • Necesitamos aclarar todo esto (we need to clarify/ sort out all this)
  • Está empezando a clarear (it is beginning to dawn)
  • Por favor, habla claro (please speak clearly)
  • Claro que soy tu amigo (of course I am your friend) loves the word 'claro' in the clip:

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