Saturday, 21 May 2011


La palabra de hoy es: 'casilla' = hut/ small house/ pigeonhole.

In Spanish, the noun 'casilla' is also commonly used to mean:
  • Each one of the squares in a crossword
  • Each one of the squares on board games (e.g.: chess/ checkers/ draughts/ etc.)
  • Each one of the squares on a sheet of square paper
  • Each cell in a spreadsheet
  • A cinema/ theatre box office
  • A box shaped compartment in shelves or set of drawers
  • A postal box ('casilla postal')
  • A dog kennel
A related word, 'casillero' is often used to mean shelves or similar furniture items with pigeonholes. The term 'casilla' is also used in expressions such as:
  • Sacar a alguien de sus casillas (to make someone loose his/ her patience or drive someone mad)
  • Salirse de sus casillas (to loose one's temper)
  •  ¡Para ya! me estás sacando de mis casillas (stop! you are driving me mad)
  • Todo esto me hace salirme de mis casillas (all this is making me loose my temper) loves the word 'Casillas' (the goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish national football team) after winning the worldcup in 2010. View Casillas, visit:

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